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Learn Do Grow is an online and print publisher specializing in self-help and educational materials. Our authors are industry experts in the fields of Education and Mental Health.


Learn Do Grow is an educational and wellness publisher of interactive modules that transcends self-help, bringing together the best of educational and psychological research in the form of interactive modules.

When it comes to making changes, traditional methods often rely on adhering to strict behavioral regimens, which fail to acknowledge the influence of our emotional and personal experiences.

Learn Do Grow publications each begin with teaching you the fundamentals of the human condition as it relates to your life circumstances. Then interactive modules allow you to explore yourself in a more meaningful and transformative way.

With Learn Do Grow, you can gain the knowledge and insight needed to shape your best self.

Let us join you on this journey of discovery as you explore the worlds within and around you.

New Release

Post-Pandemic Book Cover.png

Post-Pandemic Recovery

Take charge of your wellness.

The pandemic has been an exceedingly challenging time, and it has put all of us under a lot of pressure.

Since it has gone on for such a long time, we may have become apathetic to it, and some of us may be having trouble dealing with certain issues that make us feel uncomfortable, off, or out of sorts. 

What to Expect

With this module, you will better understand your individual experiences of the pandemic, how they affected you and why they are important. This knowledge will assist you in developing a renewed outlook and mindset on the good things in life that followed from this trying time.

This module utilizes education and "expressive writing" method. This method has been extensively researched and is employed by many to make personal progress in their own lives.

This module doesn't require any outside homework - tests or notetaking. To gain the most out of it, all you need to do is have a willingness to grow. 

In this program you will process your thoughts and emotions through writing. You may choose a journal, lose paper or use a computer word processing program. Choose whatever method makes you most comfortable.

Coming Soon


Layoff Reboot

Reboot your career with confidence. 

Losing a job is tough.

You're probably feeling depressed, confused, angry, or all three. It is important to stay focused so you can move forward successfully. That's why we created this research-based course designed to give laid off people the ability to get back up again.


College Readiness

Make the most of your first year.



College prep isn't just about a list of items to pack. Being emotionally prepared is key to having a great first year.

Learn how to get ready to tackle college head-on. Face your fears and conquer them before they can take control.

Deepen your understanding of yourself and discover what you truly want to get out of your college experience.


Young Adult Children

Navigate your child's transition to adulthood with success.


The transition from child to adult is often stressful for both the parents and the child.

It is possible to support and provide assistance while your child learns to stand on their own.

With an emphasis on the parental experience, this module will help you help you navigate around the common pitfalls.

Business Services

Looking for wellness services for your employees?

Please visit our Executive Services Page

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