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Layoff Reboot

Reboot your career with confidence. 

Losing a job is tough. You're probably feeling depressed, confused, angry, or all three. It is important to stay focused so you can move forward successfully. That's why we created this research-based course designed to give laid off people the ability to get back up again.

  • A step-by-step education course

  • Interactive modules and resources

  • Positive psychology principles

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College Transition.png

College Readiness

Make the most of your first year.

College prep isn't just about a list of items to pack. Being emotionally prepared is key to having a great first year. Learn how to get ready to tackle college head-on. Face your fears and conquer them before they can take control. Deepen your understanding of yourself and discover what you truly want to get out of your college experience.

  • Get emotionally ready for college

  • Process feelings before they get in the way

  • Learn emotional preparation skills

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Parent Transition.png

Young Adult Children

Navigate your child's transition to adulthood with success.

The transition from child to adult is often stressful for both the parents and the child. It is possible to support and provide assistance while your child learns to stand on their own. With an emphasis on the parental experience, this module will help you help you navigate around the common pitfalls.

  • Emphasis on parental experience

  • Tips and resources for parenting through early adulthood

  • Learn about each stage of development

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